Non-Destructive Analysis

Why Choose Non-Destructive Testing From SEAM

SEAM are specialists in the provision of inspection by Non Destructive Testing (NDT Inspection) methods .  We can provide world-class non-destructive testing expertise and a local service, close to your operations – wherever and whenever you need them. Utilising  industry leading technologies and highly experienced engineers we work with industry, large and small and would be happy to hear from you about any potential projects that you may be considering.

Monitor the integrity of your product using intrusive or non-intrusive methods

Detect defects and irregularities before they result in severe damage or non-compliance

Save time and money through fast and effective testing of your product at every stage of their lifespan

Benefit from financial supports such as the Innovation Voucher scheme, Innovation Partnerships and the Agile Innovation Fund.

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Our Services

The Expertise, Experience and Resources to Provide You with World-Leading Non-Destruction Testing

With an industry leading reputation based on a proven track record, we are the complete non-destructive testing partner that you can trust. For your complete peace of mind, our highly qualified staff provide NDT in accordance with international standards. We can provide world-class non-destructive testing expertise and a local service, close to your operations – wherever and whenever you need them.

Industrial Metrology

Precise 3D data are used to quantify and qualify inner and outer dimensions of various samples, CAD comparisons, and GD&T evaluation can all be measured using SEAM’s Industrial Metrology techniques.

General Inspection

Is your current inspection method seeing everything? With SEAM’s CT service you can detect internal material defects, extract accurate data about every structure within part and help optimise structural integrity and performance.

Reverse Engineering

Do you want to make changes to a part after you’ve already created a CAD model? What are your tolerance requirements? All these questions can be answered using our Reverse Engineering service.


What is NDT analysis ?

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a testing and analysis technique used to evaluate the properties of a material, component, structure or system without causing damage to the original part. There are several techniques used in NDT for the collection of various types of data.

There are a number of key benefits to NDT techniques over and above maintaining the integrity of the original sample these benefits include :

Accuracy. NDT methods are proven to be highly accurate.

Savings. The sample being examined is typically unharmed, thus saving money on replacement costs.

Efficiency. The NDT process can be completed quickly

There are a number of funding streams open to companies who wish to work with us and avail of our expertise and experience . These supports include enterprise innovation partnership and or innovation vouchers . You can learn more here.

Our Equipment

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