Training Programmes

SEAM supports people to reskill or upskill in technologies and processes relevant to additive manufacturing including the Engineering, Pharma, BioPharma, Food and Drink sectors. These technologies are being used in the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector. Our training also enables people who wish to develop or transition into new careers in additive manufacturing. 


Our courses help facilitate the successful implementation of additive manufacturing (AM) for many industry audiences, including experienced engineers, designers, production technicians and business professionals. Our three-tier curriculum guides participants through foundational industry knowledge to in-depth, hands-on experiential learning.

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Personnel training and certification for industrial additive manufacturing (AM) professionals

Our 3D print experience and access to a range of different AM processes allows us to assist in developing and designing to ensure you get the most out of the processes.

  • Cad Evaluation

We will then request some CAD data to evaluate and base our quotation on. At this point some Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) changes may be recommended.

  • 3D Print

Once you review your quotation and place an order we will begin 3D printing your part. We can also offer some post processing steps.

  • Shipping

Parts will be shipped directly to you or if required can be put through their paces in our neighbouring Materials Laboratory.

We also Offer

Prototype Development and Design for AM

3DWITs expertise and equipment allow for prototype development for a range of applications and industry sectors with a focus on achieving the benefits that additive manufacturing can provide.

Upskilling your Existing Workforce

AM courses will enable your existing workforce to remain up to date with the rapidly advancing area of additive manufacturing.

Developing Standards and Validation Methods

3DWIT aims to use its expertise to assist in the development of standards and validation methods for the additive manufacturing process on a national and international level.