Funding and Supports

Companies often find funding applications stressful, SEAM are here to help every step of the way with support, guidance and advice on submitting your application. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

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SEAM Technology Gateway is funded through strategic partnerships and government support. As a vital hub for innovation, we leverage this funding to drive groundbreaking research, develop cutting-edge technologies, and provide invaluable support to businesses. With our dedicated team and state-of-the-art facilities, we’re committed to advancing industry solutions, fostering collaboration, and propelling businesses towards success. Join us in unlocking the potential of technology and revolutionizing the future of industry.


SEAM focuses on cutting edge research in a number of key areas and is currently Developing Novel materials and devices for the biomedical sector. SEAM is also strongly involved in industrially driven research and is currently working on a number of Industry-Academia Partnership Projects.

Funding and Supports

Read more about our various funding and support options -from entrepreneurs with a business proposition for a high potential start-up to large companies expanding their activities and improving efficiency.


Read more about our latest publications from wide-ranging material science fields, including news articles, patents, scientific journals and the latest conference proceedings.

Case Studies

Read our latest case studies in various material science fields and learn how we’ve helped our industrial partners transform their businesses and stay at the top of our ever-changing industry.