Non Destructive 3D Characterisation Techniques and Materials Engineering

Project Type

Direct Funded


Nypro & SEAM Gateway


Dr. Ramesh Raghavendra

Nypro Healthcare have found SEAM to be a valuable and flexible resource in providing X-Ray Microtomography in the development of measuring complex CAD geometry within plastic components. This service has resulted in reduced early stage development time, cost and shorter metrology lead times, in some situations, when compared to the conventional methods of metrology utilised in injection moulding.

In addition, given SEAM’s location in the South-East of Ireland this has also benefitted Nypro Healthcare as moulding can be quickly be sent to SEAM for quick turnaround of X-Ray Microtomography requirements.

Nypro Healthcare expect to develop and continue to use this excellent service provided by SEAM into the near further for next generation projects.

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